Fun Ways for the Whole Family to Save Money Together

Is your family in need of a holiday? Or maybe you need a new pool or television? No matter what it is that you need, saving for it can be tough. A great way to approach big purchases or holidays that the whole family benefit from is to save together. If you save as a family and everyone contributes, you will get there faster and it can be fun. Family Finance Fun would like to share a few great ideas for family saving.
1. Make it a game – When you make saving a game, it is a lot more fun. You can decide what type of game and prizes will work best for your family. Not all families enjoy the same things. For example, you can have a competition where the person that adds the most to the savings in a month gets a week off from chores or gets a trophy. It all depends on what your family sees as a prize.

2. Have a yard sale – Each family member can clean out their belongings and see what they don’t use anymore and can sell. It can be a competition or game again. The one that gets the most money for their items can win a prize again or keep some of the proceeds for themselves. A yard sale is a great family activity and will also help to declutter your home.
3. Have a scavenger hunt – Coins and change tend to find itself all over the house. Have a scavenger hunt where your family tries to find the most money in the house. All the money found should go into the savings jar. The person who finds the most money can get an ice cream or won’t have to clean the kitchen or living area.
You can play around with these ideas and find the things that work best for your family. Games make saving more fun and easier. So, get your family together, brainstorm a few ideas, and start saving.

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