Family Finance Fun is family-oriented and would like to hear from you and your family.

We invite our readers to tell us your stories and share with us how you work together as a family to manage your finances. You can write to us about the things that you implement in your family. You can write to us about the advice you found on this blog that helped you. You can even send us questions and comments. Whatever you feel is relevant and may help other families, we want to hear from you.


To contribute a story or other piece of writing, you simply need to write it and send it to us. We have some requirements:

  • Use proper English so everyone can understand
  • Check your grammar and spelling
  • Your piece should be between 200 and 500 words at most
  • Have fun writing it

You can send your contribution to and we will respond and let you know when your story will be used.

Why Contribute?

You may be wondering why you should contribute and share your story with us. The answer is simple: to help other families. We all tend to keep ourselves to ourselves. The reality is that so many families struggle with the same problems and hearing that other families understand and have possible solutions, helps a lot. By sharing your stories and experiences, you may be helping a family that really needs some support and solutions.

We look forward to hearing from and reading your stories.